2.6. Workflows in i.ris

An i.ris workflow is a set of statuses and transitions that an issue moves through during its lifecycle.

The following table provides a description of the available i.ris statuses.

NewEvery new issue gets this status first.
In SystemThe support has recognized the issue, but the analysis has not been started yet.
In AnalysisThe issue is analyzed by the support team.
QueriedOnce the issue is in the system, the support team checks whether all the information required for the issue is available. If information is missing, the support sets the issue to Queried and assigns it to the person affected.
Query ResolvedWhen the missing information have been provided or the question has been answered, the support changes the status to Query resolved.
AcceptedThe analysis is completed. The feature request is accepted for implementation or the issue is ready to be fixed. Sometimes this status is skipped and the issue is set directly to Planned status.
PostponedSome decisions are still outstanding or the prerequisites for implementation are not yet fulfilled.
PlannedThe issue has been assigned to a planned version. The Planning Status field is set. Final means that the issue will be implemented in one of the next versions. Issues with Preliminary planning status will be implemented when all Final issues are processed and there is still time before the next release schedule. Otherwise they will be postponed to a subsequent version.
Future ReleaseThe issue was already planned but cannot be implemented in the specified version. The issue will be rescheduled in the next few weeks for one of the next versions.
Solution AvailableThe solution is available in a new product version that is provided for download.
CompletedThe issue has been solved and does not result in a product modification. In the Result field, the conclusion of the completed issue is displayed.
ClosedThe solution has been accepted and the issue will be closed.
ReopenedThe error occurred again and accordingly the Improvement/Change was not implemented as required. In this case, the Reopened status can be set.