2.5. Creating i.ris Issues

To create an i.ris issue:

  1. Click Create at the top of the screen to open the Create Issue dialog box.

  2. Complete the required fields that are marked with a red asterisk * as well as any other appropriate fields.

    The Create Issue dialog box has the following fields:

    • Project*: This field is pre-populated with the corresponding project.

    • Issue Type*: Select

    1. Error for occurring errors

    2. Improvement/change if a feature request is involved, or

    3. Question if you require an answer to a question.

Upon completing the fields in the dialog box, click the Create button.

To create a series of similar issues - with the same Project and Issue Type - select the Create another check box at the bottom of the dialog. Selecting this check box will display a new Create Issue dialog. This issue is automatically pre-populated with your previous issue details, while leaving the Summary and Description fields blank.